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MOR Construction's Community Involvement | Glen Mills, PA - MORCHARITY

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At MOR Construction, we understand that every project has unique goals and challenges. We have the experience to meet your needs, from streetscapes for townships and municipalities to the most potent pipe cleaning and inspection services for sewer and drain pipes. Whether you need roads repaired or a complete sewage system built, we can help. With our expertise in everything from concrete to utilities, we can bring your vision to life with minimal hassle on your part. Let us help you explore your next backyard or commercial project possibilities!

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When you’re ready to take your project from idea to reality, you need a team to complete the job without missing a detail. Contact MOR Construction to start discussing and planning your next residential or commercial construction project!


County and Chester officials celebrate reduction in city crime rates

MOR Construction's Community Involvement | Glen Mills, PA - treehouse

MOR Construction Services, based in Glen Mills, is a key player in a transformative community partnership dedicated to revitalizing Chester. Actively engaged in diverse initiatives, MOR Construction Services contributes its expertise to uplift public spaces. This includes tasks such as tree trimming, the installation of a French drain, excavation around playground equipment with the replacement of the land using an engineered wood "carpet," and the maintenance of equipment and fencing. The recent press conference at Concord Playground, situated at Concord Avenue and Lincoln Street, highlighted another facet of CPSN's focus: community revitalization. MOR Construction Services, entrusted with these crucial tasks, underscores its commitment to enhancing Chester's environment through construction and renovation expertise. Click here to read the full article! 


Relationship with Newlin Grist Mill

MOR Construction's Community Involvement | Glen Mills, PA - 1200px-NewlinMills3

We are very proud of our long-standing relationship with the Newlin Grist Mill. Not only are Brian and Virginia Moore members, but they are also volunteers and sponsors who encourage their employees to volunteer and participate in Grist Mill's many activities. If you would like to preserve and protect the Grist Mill’s historic and natural resources, there are many ways to do so. Newlin Grist Mill offers volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups of all ages, interests, and commitment levels. Visit for more information. If you want to donate, 100% of your financial gift goes to projects and programs at the Mill. Visit to find out how your contributions can make an impact. If you are interested in becoming a member, remember that your membership to the Newlin Grist Mill helps protect and preserve the land and historic buildings that are enjoyed by 44,000 people each year. In addition, you will also receive benefits such as invitations to member-only events, discounts in the gift shop, and more. Visit for more information!


Community Projects from MOR Construction

Supporting Singleton Race Team

MOR Construction's Community Involvement | Glen Mills, PA - Carlyn+Singleton+3+(002)

MOR Construction Services, Inc is not only passionate about working with our community and local organizations, but we take pride in sponsoring bright, young women who are fearlessly leading and working towards goals to shatter glass ceilings. We are proud to help sponsor Carlyn Singleton, a resident of Aston, PA, in her journey to becoming a legendary racecar driver. Carlyn has won 16 feature events and is leading her Junior division all at 9 years old! We know Carlyn has a bright future in racing ahead of her and we are rooting for her throughout her journey. If you would like to learn more about Carlyn's racing or would like to help sponsor her as well, you can contact her father, Ed Singleton, at or follow them on Facebook at

Chefs for Silver Springs 2019 to benefit Silver Springs - Martin Luther School

MOR Construction's Community Involvement | Glen Mills, PA - SILVER+SPRINGS

Our staff attends events annually. All proceeds benefit Silver Springs. Silver Springs - Martin Luther School was founded in 1859 as an orphanage and today is a thriving non-profit organization dedicated to providing education, nurturing, and healing services for children and families. Programs include an Approved Private School; psychiatric residential treatment for children and youth ages six through 18, and community-based programs that include foster family care and adoption, outpatient mental health services, prevention programs, and “wrap around” behavioral health services for children and families in their own homes and schools. The goal is to assist vulnerable and at-risk children, youth, and families experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties, and often the after-effects of trauma, to heal, learn, and reach brighter futures.

Martin Luther King Day Blessing Bags

MOR Construction's Community Involvement | Glen Mills, PA - MLK1

On Martin Luther King Day 2020, MOR partnered with Concord Elementary School and its students to donate “blessing bags” to City Team in Chester. These bags contained essential items for those in need.

Rescuing Trixie: A Heartwarming Story of Compassion and Expertise

MOR Construction's Community Involvement | Glen Mills, PA - Dog-rescue-2-970x550

In a heartwarming display of compassion and expertise, Glen Mills Construction Company rescued a blind and hard-of-hearing Wheaton terrier named Trixie. The nearly 15-year-old dog had slipped through a fence at her Concord home and was trapped 50 feet inside a 15-inch wide drain pipe. Upon being notified, MOR Construction quickly responded with their state-of-the-art CCT equipment and robotic camera, typically used for pipeline inspections. After attempting to nudge Trixie with the camera, the team excavated and cut a hole in the cement pipe, carefully monitoring her throughout the process. Thanks to the skilled and dedicated efforts of the construction company, Trixie was safely rescued and reunited with her grateful owner, Kathie Iannuzzi.